I had a groupon for JC Resumes. Although it only cost $85, the service was a waste of money. They did not ask any questions but just took my existing resume and shortened it up and changed a few words. It had many grammatical errors and some sentences had the word "successful" in it multiple times.

The problem with the process is they don't really care about making the resume better or interesting, but instead just want it to be formatted better. If you need a formatting job done on your resume, perhaps you want to consider JC Resume service. I considered it a waste of money and a complete disappointment.

I sent an email to their service suggesting that if they wanted to help write my resume better, then I would re-consider my opinion of them. They sent back some nonsense saying what words do I want to use to make my resume better. What? If I was a resume author, I would know those words. That is their job isn't it?

Monetary Loss: $85.

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